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Atopia is an artist initiative dedicated to the development of experimental film and video art in Norway.


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Grefsenveien 30 in Oslo is Atopia’s new platform for experimenting with art in public space.

Following the path of Atopia’s Vitrine project (2007-11) and Bergensgata 2 (2015), we have now acquired and converted the shop front on Grefsenveien 30 into a location for production and presentation of new works for the next three months.


The initial aim of this project is to produce and exhibit several works that express, examine and confront our own perceptions of public art.

Working in particular with video we also set out to explore different characteristics of moving image and duration differentiating videoworks shown inside galleries as opposed to the public space.


This project is part of Atopia’s ongoing explorations of art in public space, and part of a larger study of dominant politics and conditions of public art in Norway. The practice and study of public art concern us with its social, institutional and individual functions, interactions and implications.


We work within a city-scape dominated by commercial and political advertisements. The majority of imagery across the city is targeting audiences to buy commercial or political products. With this project we aim at exploring the possibilities of introducing alternative imagery within the city-scape. How could such imagery evolve and function?


Due to its complexities the practice and concept of public art tends to be monopolized by larger state organizations or corporations. The terms and conditions of this practice are set by such institutions, which often use artists as mediators of their particular agendas.

With such projects Atopia aims at diversifying the practice of public art and providing an independent platform for artists working in public space. How would such an initiative contribute to the discourse of art in public space?


Art in public space needs to be scrutinized from various angles, and we believe artists should take a more active role in defining its parameters. An important aspect of this project is to encourage the artist community to take an active and independent role in practicing their right to the city. How do we relate to one’s right to the city?


This project has various intentions and aims, but above all it is an art project.



Grefsenveien 30 is an Atopia project initiated by Linn Lervik and Farhad Kalantary operating during the months of December 2015 and January - February 2016.


We have invited the multimedia artist Haraldur Karlsson to make the first work on Grefsenveien 30.


Shapes of Reality by Haraldur Karlsson

Opening: Friday 11.12.15 at 19:00

(11.12.15 to 7.01.16)


Shapes of Reality is a synchronized double screen video installation. In this new work Karlsson applies the notion of Hypercube into a basic geometrical shape. Through his image processing he creates a dynamic flow of light and texture in constant motion. Working with the specificities of the space on Grefsenveien 30 he has made the double screen video as depicting two sides of the movement of the object, giving his work a three dimensional quality.


Haraldur Karlsson (1967, Reykjavik, Iceland) holds a diploma in Mixed-Media from the Icelandic art school in Reykjavik and BA diploma in Media-Art from AKI Enchede, Holland. He then studied Sonology over 3 years at the Royal Conservatorium Den Haag under the guidance of professor Clarence Barlow. For many years Karlsson worked at the Icelandic Academy of Arts as the head of Media-Lab, which he had initiated. Karlsson has had his exhibitions, performances and lectures in Iceland, Holland, Belgium, England, Czech Republic, Finland and Norway. He lives and works in Oslo.




Atopia has moved to a new location.

The new space is in Soria Moria building in Oslo.

Address: Atopia, Vogts gate 64, 0477 Oslo








Bergensgata 2 is Atopia’s new platform for experimenting with art in public space. Located in Sagene – Oslo this project is conceived as an artist laboratory operating during the winter months of January, February and March 2015.

Sagene is one of the most densely populated areas of Oslo. We have chosen a location situated in this area outside the normal environment of cultural/artistic activities challenging the pre-conceived notions of artistic practice and cultural placement.


In this period of 3 months we will produce and present several works that express, examine and confront our own perceptions of public art. Working in particular with video we aim to explore different characteristics of moving image and duration in public space.






On display at Bergensgata 2:

In Silence


by Farhad Kalantary


From Jan 14, 2015 – Feb 11, 2015

“In Silence” has appeared quietly on Beregensgata2.

A row of slow tracking video shots depicting the Icelandic landscape. Movement on the edge of stillness, consistent but in silence. No one in view to disturb the peace, the silence, the most fragile.




ATOPIA offers film and video equipment to artists and art institutions at an affordable rate and as a form of sponsorship. The equipment service is intended to support and facilitate artists’ film and video productions and exhibitions.  >>more




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(14 Nov - 5 Dec 2014)

Opening: Friday, 14 Nov. at 19:00


Atopia is pleased to invite you to an exhibition of a new work by Linn Lervik.

Linn Lervik (Tønsberg, 1976) studied fine art at Central Saint Martins College in London and later at Chelsea College of Art and Design, graduating with a degree in Sculpture (BFA, 2001).

Lervik’s works are the meeting place of various media. She works with the combination of drawing, animation, sculpture, space, light and sound. Her works embody symphonic coexistences of media that are mixed and yet singular. 

Using the building blocks of drawing, sculpture and video her media merge, attack, reflect upon, criticize and expand each other.

Working on this exhibition Lervik had occupied Atopia Gallery as her own studio for more than a month. The resulting work is an installation that started with transforming the normal gallery pedestal into the artwork itself. 

We had agreed that there should be no deadline for the completion of the work. When the work decides it is ready the studio becomes the gallery.

Linn Lervik lives and works in Oslo. She has been one of the main forces behind the artist initiative Atopia since 2006, working both as an artist and a curator.









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Retrospective Exhibition, Part 1

Retrospektiv: Film- og videokunst i Norge, 1960-90

30 Years of Motion


Utstillingen Retrospektiv: Film- og videokunst i Norge er et resultat av et forskningsprosjekt i regi av Atopia som tar for seg kunstneriske film- og videoarbeider fra 1960-tallet. Formålet er å utforske og utvikle den historiske konteksten for eksperimentell film og videokunst i Norge. Dette er første del av en utstillingstrilogi og retter oppmerksomheten mot arbeider produsert mellom 1960 og 1990.

Mange av kunstnerne i denne utstillingen er velkjente videokunstnere. Andre hører mer hjemme på kino enn i gallerier eller museer. Noen av filmarbeidene har aldri før vært plassert i en museumskontekst. De er likevel bemerkelsesverdige verker som hovedsakelig ble laget for kino på 1960- og 1970-tallet. Kjent som “frie kunstneriske kortfilmer” er de nært knyttet til samtidskunstneres filmatiske verker. Som dokumentararbeider er de kompromissløse i sine synspunkter, filmatiske stil og tilnærming, og som kortfilmer faller de utenfor den narrative produksjonsstandarden.  

Utstillingen består av 64 filmer og videoarbeider av 36 enkeltstående norske kunstnere foruten ti videoportretter fra 2010 og 2011.




                                                                          still from Running, Inghild Karlsen, 1988








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