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Atopia is an artist initiative dedicated to the development of experimental film and video art in Norway.



VideoForum Oct14


Artists working with Film and Video!

We wish to invite you to a new edition of Atopia’s VideoForum.


Wednesday, 8.10.2014 (19:00- 22:00)


Atopia’s VideoForum is an open screening program. All artists working with Film and Video are invited to bring their works personally to Atopia for screening and presentation. There are no submission procedures, no application forms, and no rejections. In this event we show all the submitted works and engage in a discussion about them.


Please bring your video work personally to Atopia on the above date. Your video will be screened and you will have the chance to discuss it with a group of other artists and curators.


- We welcome works in progress as well as completed works.

- Maximum projection time for each video: 10 min.

- Works will be presented in the order received.

- Format: DVD and Digital files

- You can make reservations by sending an email to info(at)



Among the topics that are often discussed in VideoForum are issues of artistic intentions and intensities, form and technology, the relationship of sound and image, the political versus the personal as well as artistic integrity and ethics. But above all we seek to foreground and contemplate intuition.

VideoForum is set in Atopia’s non-competitive and intimate environment with the aim of developing a community of film and video artists. It is a gathering of artists who present and discuss their own works and offer each other the gift of a critical eye.


VideoForum was initiated 10 years ago as a monthly open screening program of Atopia. During its 38 editions it witnessed the participation of more than 140 artists, until in 2010 when we decided to put the project on hold for a while. Today due to a large number of inquiries about VideoForum we have realized that it is an important project of Atopia that needs to be re-launched and regularly organized.



We look forward to seeing you and your work in VideoForum.







ATOPIA offers film and video equipment to artists and art institutions at an affordable rate and as a form of sponsorship. The equipment service is intended to support and facilitate artists’ film and video productions and exhibitions.  >>more

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3 Artists Finissage



An Exhibition of Video Installations by:                                                                                                                  (14 - 28 March 2014)

Haraldur Karlsson

Dimitri Lurie

Tor Jørgen van Eijk


Finissage: Friday, 28 March at 19:00

With Inger Lise Hansen in Conversation with the artists



Gallery hours: 12:00 – 16:00 (Tue – Fri)  and by appointment: Email: info(AT)


“In place of a hermeneutics we need an erotics of art.” Susan Sontag’s most challenging slogan is the ending note of her ten commandments: Against Interpretation.

On this note Atopia wishes to invite you to an exhibition of video installations by three Oslo based artists whose works indicate intense engagement and exploration of various aspects of the moving image.

The exhibition and its treatment of art works aim at highlighting “erotics of art” and pick up where Sontag left behind 50 years ago. In other words to rescue art from the grip of interpretation, or at least make an attempt.

We live at a time when art works are aggressively instrumentalised in every possible direction and they are commodified in every imaginable position.  It has become more than a challenge to speak against interpretation. What we call art today is buried under tones of linguistic debris and commercial interests.

But the irony of the situation is that we are all involved in this process; all of us admirers who speak on behalf of art. Whether it is a philosopher, an art critic, an art historian or someone from another interpretive discipline does not matter.  All contribute as much as they can to increase the heavy load of interpretation.

And we often forget to ask whose challenge is this to set up a barrier to slow down or counter this flow? Who is going to take the risk of speaking against interpretation today? Is this the task of art institutions, the museums and commercial galleries and such? Is it the job of another philosopher? Or is this the responsibility of the independent artist and artist initiatives? The answer is clear. But they say our wings are clipped away!

The works in this exhibition belong to a group of artists who have been working primarily with the moving image for more than a decade. Departing from the everyday images their works are highly manipulated and transformed into abstractions that defy interpretations.

These are three of Oslo’s most resilient artists, highly specialized in moulding their own images of duration.


Dimitri Lurie: Ginger Space Waltz, 2012

Haraldur Karlssen: Brain, 2014

Tor Jørgen van Eijk: Non-narrative Linear Logic, 2008-10


Haraldur Karlsson (1967, Reykjavik, Iceland) holds a diploma in Mixed-Media from the Icelandic art school in Reykjavik and BA diploma in Media-Art from AKI Enchede, Holland. Further to this he studied Sonology over 3 years in the Royal Conservatorium Den Haag under the guidance of professor Clarence Barlow. For many years Karlsson worked at the Icelandic Academy of Arts as the head of Media-Lab, which he had designed. Karlsson has had exhibitions, performances and lectures in Iceland, Holland, Belgium, England, Czech Republic, Finland and Norway. He is currently based in Oslo and works on several video-art commissions. More info is available on his website


Dimitri Lurie (1970, Leningrad) is a visual artist working with film, video and photography. He has a degree in Cybernetics from St-Petersburg Polytechnic University and later studied Philosophy and Theology at the Institute for Philosophy and Religion (1997). Lurie is a self taught artist and since 1998 has been working with film and video. He was a guest artist at The National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo (2001) and he is the curator of the international art exchange project “Cultural Transit”. Lurie’s works have been shown and awarded in various international film festivals and art institutions. He lives and works in Oslo. For more information, please see:

Tor Jørgen van Eijk (1977, Cali, Colombia/Bergen) received his Diploma from The National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo in 2004. Since then he has worked actively as an artist exhibiting both in Norway and abroad. His works have been part of Gallery exhibitions, international video festivals and art fairs. Van Eijk works as an artist/curator and lives and works in Oslo.












Atopia is pleased to invite you to an exhibition opening and book launch:


Maleri med tid

Painting with Time

by Per Kvist 


 with works by:

Kjell Bjørgeengen

A K Dolven

HC Gilje

Jeremy Welsh


 Maleri med tid – Om modernisme, filmisk avantgarde og videokunst

(Painting with Time - On Modernism, Avant-Garde Film and Video Art) 


 Thursday, 6 Feb 2014 at 19:00

( 6 - 21 Feb. 2014)

Gallery hours: 12:00 - 16:00  (Tue - Fri)



                                                     Maleri med tid

Painting With Time is part of Atopia’s “Retrospective: Film & Video Art, Norway” project. This is a project for in-depth examination of the historical development of artists’ film and video works in Norway. Initiated in 2007 it is a long-term research project of Atopia that aims to create new historical visions and approaches surrounding artists’ film and video works.



Through Painting With Time Per Kvist writes a new version of the history of Visual Arts and the Moving Image. Kvist approaches the works of Kjell Bjørgeengen, A K Dolven, HC Gilje and Jeremy Welsh in the light of Modernism, Avant-garde Film and early Video Art. The book is anchored in an idea about historical repetition, at the same time exposing how we encounter the past with the influences of our own time. An important proposition is related to the idea of musicality of the image and modernism as an impure visual phenomenon. Here we can even talk about a “musicalisation of visual art” in the 20th and 21st Century. In the understanding of media, it becomes evident that these can be viewed in the light of ideas about the specific and mixed media, but also the shifting state of media. Media are alive and in a state of constant change. They seem to endure, preserve and absorb the past into the present time. They act creatively and give space for new specificities in a movement towards the future.

Per Kvist (born 1965) is an art historian and writer focusing on the visual arts and moving images. Kvist is a former Dean at Bergen Academy of Art and Design and leader of Tromsø Kunstforening. For many years he was a member of Arts Council Norway, where he chaired the Board for arts and crafts. Kvist is currently Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Agder and Chairman of Kristiansand Kunsthall.









Book Animation

                                                                                        Now Available Online!





Retrospective Exhibition, Part 1

Retrospektiv: Film- og videokunst i Norge, 1960-90

30 Years of Motion


Utstillingen Retrospektiv: Film- og videokunst i Norge er et resultat av et forskningsprosjekt i regi av Atopia som tar for seg kunstneriske film- og videoarbeider fra 1960-tallet. Formålet er å utforske og utvikle den historiske konteksten for eksperimentell film og videokunst i Norge. Dette er første del av en utstillingstrilogi og retter oppmerksomheten mot arbeider produsert mellom 1960 og 1990.

Mange av kunstnerne i denne utstillingen er velkjente videokunstnere. Andre hører mer hjemme på kino enn i gallerier eller museer. Noen av filmarbeidene har aldri før vært plassert i en museumskontekst. De er likevel bemerkelsesverdige verker som hovedsakelig ble laget for kino på 1960- og 1970-tallet. Kjent som “frie kunstneriske kortfilmer” er de nært knyttet til samtidskunstneres filmatiske verker. Som dokumentararbeider er de kompromissløse i sine synspunkter, filmatiske stil og tilnærming, og som kortfilmer faller de utenfor den narrative produksjonsstandarden.  

Utstillingen består av 64 filmer og videoarbeider av 36 enkeltstående norske kunstnere foruten ti videoportretter fra 2010 og 2011.




                                                                          still from Running, Inghild Karlsen, 1988








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